I really enjoyed the presentation you gave at the SELS meeting. I would appreciate the handouts you mentioned “Journey from a Reactive Safety to a Preventative Safety Process”.

I have talked to our Safety Officer and we both feel our guys would learn and appreciate much of what you shared about your accident and how it relates to a behavioral safety culture. We are working hard to ingrain safety in our guys and hearing it from someone who performed similar job tasks will hit home more than any video could ever do.

Jason Manning (Greenville Utilities)

Thank you again visiting the Rome mill. Everyone has been in the thinking mind frame to put a plan together for Rome. Your honesty was appreciated.

Jean Wisdom (Inland Paper)

I can’t tell you what an impact you had being here. The rewards cannot be measured. I have had so many comments already and your presence has really made employees think about the short cuts and unsafe acts they do. You are to be commended for what you are doing. Just know, you touched my heart and what you are doing is making a tremendous difference in people’s lives. Thanks again for sharing your story and experience with us on our Safety Day. Don’t be surprised if we invite you back.

Jerry Winkler (Rohm and Hass)

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