Speaking Engagements

John Martin has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and construction. After earning his B.S. degree in Workforce Education & Development from Southern Illinois University, he played a central role in a plant-wide implementation of the Aubrey Daniels’ Behavioral Based Safety process.

John has given safety presentations to major corporations which include BIC Corporation, Rock Tenn, International Paper, and Georgia Pacific. He has been a speaker at safety conferences such as Behavioral Safety Now, Pulp and Paper Safety Association, and the 2005 ASSE conference in New Orleans.

The topics of his presentations include:

  • Anatomy of an Accident/The JOHN MARTIN STORY [John was seriously injured during an industrial accident and received chemical burns to over 70% of his body including chemical burns to both eyes. Through medical technology and sheer determination, John has overcome his life changing injury.]
  • Roadmap to Keeping Your Safety Process Evergreen!
  • Moving Your Safety Process from a Reactive Program to a Preventive Process
  • Building Safety into Work Processes
  • Using Root Cause Analysis on Near-Miss Incidents

2006 Presentations

The core program that John Martin will be presenting in 2006 is:

  • Moving from a Reactive Safety Program to a Preventive Safety Process: Building Safety into Your Organization

This presentation starts with a 5 minute video that illustrates a Reactive Safety System, its failures and consequences and how a reactive system can result in a continuous loop with no improvement.

The Presentation compares a Reactive Measurement System (trailing indicators) such as TCIR, Workmen’s Comp Cost, Lost Days, to Preventive Safety Activities (leading indicators) such as Safety Committee Activities, Observations of Safe Actions, and Building Safety into Work Tasks.

Examples of best practices will be discussed with the focus on how to achieve management support. The presentation will end with specific actions that safety professionals can apply to their organizations’ processes.


  • Show how to differentiate between a trailing indicator and a leading indicator
  • Show the correlation between management support and preventative safety activities

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